7 Ideas To Use On Facebook Live

Facebook Live video is here to stay. There. I said it.

I know going live on video makes some people’s palms sweaty, knees weak and their arms heavy (Mum’s spaghetti) but I’m here to deal with the objections and roadblocks you have to going live on air for your business.

At first, hitting the live button is the toughest part. So you need to come up with a plan to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Last week, we spoke with Bonnie from One Social who was dealing with the fear of going live and we chatted through some potential solutions:

Ok, so now you’re past the point of worrying about how you look online, you’ve decided to go live. What do I talk about?

It’s the immediate next question everyone has.

The truth is, your live video can take on so many facets and structures. The hardest part is deciding what suits you and your business best.

To help, here are 7 ideas you can use for Facebook Live topics and formats.

1. Teach or educate

If you’re an expert in a topic how you break it down and make it into teachable formats that you can talk about? Maybe you can make a series of videos that lead into one another? This is obviously what I do at Organik Digital and that’s how I add value.

But could you teach a topic that is interesting to your readers but establishes you as an authority and that when they need help with that issue, they know where to come?

Here are some examples.

The beauty niche has thousands of video bloggers demonstrating beauty tips from around the world. Benefits Cosmetics do a weekly show and series on a range of beauty and makeup techniques. Also, they used Snapchat to gather questions and ideas from their audience to use on the show, another great way to bring people onto your Facebook page and see what you’re doing there:

Martha Stewart has taken her cooking show online and my goodness it looks delicious! She shows you in real time how to make her favourite dishes. Don’t watch this while you’re hungry…

2. Content Promotion

If you’re producing content elsewhere and just want another method to highlight it, then why not do a Facebook Live broadcast driving traffic to it. You know it’s going to get good reach cause Facebook are prioritising it in the newsfeed so it’s basically free traffic. We’ll be using this tactic to re-promote live videos and blog posts you have done before because it’s a great tactic to draw people’s attention back to something they may have missed.


This example combines different mediums to help build viewership. Jason Carr, a former news anchor for FOX 2 in Detroit, takes Facebook Live viewers on a ride but he doesn’t tell them where to. He’s going Live to follow up on a promise he made during his final broadcast on FOX 2 earlier that morning. Turns out, he’s announcing he is starting a new gig at a different broadcaster, Local 4 News. A creative way to drive viewers to tune into his new show.

3. Demonstrate Something

If you’re not always comfortable with talking live on camera, maybe you could demonstrate something for your audience. It could be explaining something on a whiteboard, cooking something or unboxing a product and talking about it. Helping people actually SEE what the final product will be is a great way to get them to purchase.

Living in Melbourne there is one thing we can all agree on – we love coffee! So this latte art live stream from Taste was right up our alley. I’ll be sure to let my local barista know they need to up their game!

This one is a bit different and well, a bit weird to be honest. But the numbers don’t lie and with over 3 Million views on this video, the ‘Tiny Cooking’ industry is clearly alive and well in Japan. You read that correctly. Just watch…

4. Event Recap/Preview

If you’re at an industry event or expo or even if you’re running your own event you can use live video to bring people into the moment. If the event doesn’t allow filming of the material (eg – conference) then do a recap of the day’s event or combine it with another format suggested by discussing the day with other attendees.


Tough Mudder take people behind the scenes of their infamous events to show people what it’s like to participate in the events. You may have seen countless videos and photos from friends at their events but there is nothing quite like being taken behind the scenes and see exactly what goes on:

Chevrolet put their fans first when they went live from a product launch. Usually reserved for the traditional media and VIPs to get the first look, viewers could watch in real time as Chevy unveiled their brand new electric car.

5. Interviews

This will most likely require a 3rd party tool so you can host interviews that are quality and looks like a proper interview. But introducing someone new into your Facebook Live gives a fresh face and a point of difference in your Facebook Live videos.


This is an example of branded content as Disney teamed up with Airbnb to host the red carpet at the premiere of The Jungle Book in 2016. Some fascinating interviews with the stars of the movie and a great way to bring people to an area for an extended period of time that they usually only see edited sections broadcast on TV.

Our good friends at Hustle Media were the masterminds behind this video, another from the red carpet. This time it was more local for GQ Australia at their Men Of The Year awards. There is only limited amount of tech needed for these videos but they are SO effective.

6. Guest Video

This format certainly entails a bit of trust from the host but it involves giving access to a guest host who runs a Facebook live from your Facebook page. You may choose to co-host a session with them (see interviews section) but giving full authority to them provides a new face and new format for viewers to experience.


Arnold Palmer was a legend of golf (RIP) and he is well known for his contribution to the golfing community. Callaway took people behind the scenes at his office to show people some of his most memorable moments and antiques. It was a golfer’s dream come true and guest hosted by an assistant of Palmer’s who showed the viewers around the office.

Grazia UK is an international subdivision of Grazia, an Italian women’s magazine. Last year, they went to Facebook’s London headquarters for a collaborative partnership to put together what they called their first “community issue. This debate was centred around the topic of Brexit and like any debate, it drew a lot of conversation and was fascinating to watch it all unfold completely live.

7. Ask Me Anything (AMA)

These are big on platforms like Reddit where people answer questions from others around the world. For these sessions you definitely need to have a larger than average following AND be in an industry where you can handle difficult discussions that may arise. But you can help drive an audience to your Facebook live by cross-promoting it across other platforms and using emails and announcing it ahead of time to make sure that you get the biggest audience possible there for you. These type of broadcasts are THE best way to gain trust with your customers by answering their questions openly and honestly.


iHeartRadio did a live Q&A with artist Keke Palmer who gave a fascinating insight into the person behind the artist which fans LOVE!

Mari Queen is known as the ‘Queen of Facebook’ in the social media marketing circles, and rightly so! She is up to date with the latest changes and is at the forefront of Facebook marketing for your business. She regularly hosts Q&A sessions because she is so knowledgeable on the topic, just like the one below:

Your Turn To Take Action!

What inspiration have you gained to kick off your first Facebook Live? Tell us if you’re going to take one of these ideas and see how you can implement it.