Books that SM Marketers Must Read

8 books every social media marketer should have

Got some down time over the holiday period? Why not kick back with an insightful tome to get you excited and ready to attack 2016! Here are 8 suggestions of books we’ve read, recommend and think every Social Media Marketer (that’s you) should read.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World

JabJabJabRightHookIf there is one book you purchase from this list, make it this one – please. He sometimes divides opinions but there is no doubt that when you’re looking for energy and passion in your writing and from someone day to day then you can’t go past Gary Vaynerchuk.

He takes a no holds barred approach to Social Media and uses real life examples so it’s much easier to relate to. Not sure what the title is all about? It makes total sense in the first chapter (which you can read for free btw)

Check it out on Amazon —

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

4HourWorkWeekOk, not necessarily a book dedicated to Social Media but as far as books that can help your overall business, life and how you fit Social Media management in to your life then this is probably the most influential book of the past 20 years.

Tim Ferriss provides details the approach that we all should be taking to be living a fuller life, you won’t believe how he does it.

Purchase it on Amazon:

The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

ArtOfSocialMediaTruthfully, we like this book mainly for the fact that it’s co-authored by Peg Fitzpatrick (no offence, Guy). She is one of the best thought leaders on Social Media and particularly Pinterest. We’ve implemented much of her advice recently and she and Guy nail some great lessons in this book.

Unleash the artist within, here —

Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers

PermissionMarketingWe couldn’t actually decide between Permission Marketing and Seth Godin’s other great book Tribes but we opted for this because of the main lesson behind it and why so many businesses need to learn it. He goes in to detail on how the ‘traditional’ methods of marketing and interrupting people (telemarketing, TV commercials etc) are now obsolete and teaches you how to take a different approach to your customers – by gaining their trust and – you guessed it – their Permission.

You have permission to buy it from Amazon here 😉 —

The New Relationship Marketing: How to Build a Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using the Social Web

MariSmithMari Smith has been hailed the ‘Queen’ of Social Media and really, it’s for good reason. She has amassed a huge following on Facebook by taking simple and sensible approaches to marketing that when you read her book is really just common sense.

That’s why people love her. She puts things in to plain english (even though if you hear her talk she is mixture of Scottish and Canadian which creates quite the accent!) and is great for small businesses. In fact, she was chosen to partner with Facebook to deliver their marketing lessons to small businesses this year.

Get your Small Business up to scratch on Social Media here —

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

PlatformMichael Hyatt has a publishing background and while you think that might not be appropriate to Social Media, the best part is he’s managed to stay ahead of the times to mould his lessons in the publishing industry to the online world.

That’s why we like his unique approach to being successful on Social Media and we think you will too.

Build your platform, check the book out on Amazon here —

Ask: The Counterintuitive Online Formula to Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want to Buy…Create a Mass of Raving Fans…and Take Any Business to the Next Level

AskThis isn’t a book focused 100% on Social Media but you can certainly implement some of the lessons across your platforms and incorporate them in to your business. Ask is all about finding out exactly what your prospects want and how to go about it in the right way. Taking the lessons in the book, you can learn more about your customers more than ever.

This of course not only helps your overall business but you can implement it successfully to create some fantastic results across Social Media.

Shortest or the longest title? You decide. Check it out on Amazon here —

Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses – Joe Pulizzi

JoePulizziWe were lucky enough to hear from Joe Pulizzi at at Social Media Marketing World earlier this year and he absolutely nailed the content marketing lessons that all businesses should learn.

He provides some great insights on how to create content that actually engages your audience, as opposed to just creating content for the sake of it.

Get ahead in the content marketing game, find the book on Amazon here –

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