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Hi There, Video Marketing Webinar Attendee!

danpinne_profileThanks so much for coming along and hearing more about Video Marketing for your business.

I hope you got some valuable insights out of it and learned some lessons that will help grow your business using video.

On this page, you will find the following:

  • Resources mentioned in the webinar
  • Links to presentation slides
  • More information about Organik Digital
  • Further information about our advertising training and management services that we offer

Key links and resources mentioned in the session:

  1. Video Marketing for Small Business: Presentation slides download (opens in G-Drive)
  2. Video Editing Mobile Apps
    1. Mojo
    2. Magisto
    3. Adobe Spark
  3. Video Editing Desktop Apps
    1. Camtasia
    2. iMovie
    3. Wave Video
    4. Lumen5
  4. Caption Tools
    1. Quicc
    2. Rev
  5. Recording tools
    1. RODE Lav Mic – connects directly to your phone
    2. Tripod
    3. ATR2100 Podcasting/Screecasting USB Microphone
    4. Beauty Light
    5. Green screen and lighting

Other Resources

  1. ASBAS Digital Program – login to book your 1-on-1 mentoring
  2. ASBAS Digital Mentoring Service – $25 for and additional 2 hours mentoring

Past presentations and extra resources

  1. Facebook Chatbots WEBINAR:  Presentation slides download | Chatbot setup template (opens in G-Drive)
  2. Instagram Advertising WEBINAR: Presentation slides download (opens in G-Drive)
  3. Facebook for Business Simplified: Presentation slides download
  4. Boost your business with Facebook Advertising: Presentation slides download
  5. Facebook Audience checklist exercise
  6. Content Creation & Calendar Exercises
  7. How to be the Ultimate Sidekick!
  8. Setting up Facebook Ad Campaigns
  9. Key Facebook Advertising resources for businesses
  10. Facebook Pixel installation guide
  11. Setting up Facebook Audiences
  12. Facebook Success Stories
  13. Presentation slides download
  14. Key Facebook Advertising resources for businesses
  15. Facebook Pixel installation guide
  16. Setting up Facebook Audiences
  17. Facebook Advertising Library

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