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Chatbot Resources

Below are some of our key resources we use when building and promoting our Messenger Chatbots.

Messenger Marketing Movement

The Messenger Marketing Movement is our flagship course that walks you through the three key Messenger bots to implement to your business. During the course we hold 4 live online training sessions that work directly with you to get the chatbots setup.

Please note, that are no extra charge to you, some of the below programs provide us with a small commission if you signup to use them. We have used a tested all the below programs and wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t think they were worthwhile.

Programs to use


Manychat is the #1 messenger chatbot program in the market. With over 800,000 users that send 50 Billion messages every year – they know what they’re talking about. Their platform is also incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate when it comes to building your Messenger chatbot.


ActiveCampaign has a direct integration with Manychat and make it easy to connect and send data from Manychat to follow up using ActiveCampaigns email automation and CRM.


Zapier is crucial to be able to send data to any one of their thousands of apps available. It makes further tasks, behaviours and follow up information seemless by playing the middle man between their selection of apps.

Learning Resources

20 Minute Installation Guide

Our 20 Minute Installation Guide is your go-to guide to get your first chatbot up and running. It runs you through how to connect Manychat to your page, which options to choose and how to get a simple chatbot setup on your Facebook page.

3 Chatbots to get started with 

This 30 minute webinar takes you through the 3 Chatbots that are key building blocks to begin your Facebook Messenger Marketing journey.

Ultimate list of chatbot ideas

Ideas for Chatbots across a number of different industries.