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How many times have you had this conversation with yourself before?

Ok Dan, time to create that blog post…ummm, what am I going to write it on?

Oh I know I’ll do it on that question I got asked about the other day. Yep, that’ll work well.

Ok, off we go… *cricket noise*

Ugh, this is so annoying. It’s not even that good.

Oh well, I managed to pump out 500 words let’s just publish it and see how it goes.


Bugger! Maybe I’ll try it again. Let’s give this blog post a go.

Facebook Post sent – Check out my awesome post!…


Two tweets sent – Read my amazing post!…



*bangs head on desk*

How often do you put so much effort into creating content that takes time (a lot of time) but it goes nowhere?

It sucks!

But what if you could use your resources and talents more effectively to get the MOST out of a single piece of content? What if you could take that single piece of content and make AT LEAST 15 pieces of material that you can post on your social media channels?

Interested? Read on…

This is the formula I use for my own and for client’s content because I know it works.

I also know we’re all pressed for time so I make one ‘hero’ piece of content and the rest flows from it?

The best part:

  • It doesn’t require any extra time you would spend on a blog post (I’ve got it down to 1.5 hours for EVERYTHING)
  • You don’t need any fancy tools. We edit video but you can do that in your native video player (quicktime) or editor (iMovie, movie maker)
  • It gives you up to 2 weeks worth of content you can post across social media.
  • I break down HOW to do it with links to resources to help guide you.

Ok, tell me more I’m in.

Introducing our FREE Content Solution.