Creating social media content in a ‘boring’ industry

Let’s talk about how to create social media content for businesses that are in ‘boring’ industries.

When it comes to creating content, not everyone has an exciting product that has people climbing over each other to purchase. While these businesses might not set the world alight, the fact remains is that they’re necessary.

You know the ones I’m talking about. The services that you don’t want to deal with but know that a qualified professional can make it just that easier. The businesses that keep the world ticking along even though they may never actually realise it.

So this blog post is for you. The business owners that are making a difference in people’s lives and maybe you’re the only one that realises it.

And you know what? That’s ok. Because that passion, that belief in what you have to offer, it’s going to help you be honest and authentic in what you do and that will resonate with people.

When it comes to these industries and what to post on social media, we break it down into three sections.

  1. Why it’s important your business is on social media
  2. Some examples of great content in ‘boring’ industries
  3. How you can use these examples and put them in place in your business.


1. Why it’s important your business is on social media

I want to first deal with any objections you have as to why your business is on social media.

Probably 2 years ago a common question was “Is social media right for my business?” but now it’s far less common and just an accepted fact.

Businesses know they need to have a presence on at least one channel because they need to be where their potential customers are but one thing that is becoming increasingly popular is using social media as a communication method from the customer to the business.

This is why more businesses are branching out into areas they never thought they would.

Facebook and Twitter are notorious for people searching for quick and instantaneous feedback and whether you like it or not, as your business grows so does the expectations on when people think they can get in touch with you. (and just remember that’s a good thing!)

Another reason that social media is still relevant for these businesses is it allows an individual personal connection.

Social media is still relevant for these businesses is it allows an individual personal connection and it builds trust!Click To Tweet

And by posting interesting and informative content is a great way to do exactly that, build TRUST with your potential customers.

2. Examples of content in ‘boring’ industries

The great thing about examples of content in so-called ‘boring industries’ is when you first look at them you might think ‘that’s kind of boring and lame and why would anyone watch that?’.

But there are common themes amongst these examples

  • They take people behind the scenes – It’s almost a ‘voyeuristic’ need for people to see authentic content that is happening RIGHT NOW. But it’s the reason why platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories are popular because they give people an immediate insight.
  • They make people genuinely curious – They elicit a reaction the viewer wasn’t expecting and give them that ‘aha’ moment.
  • They entertain and delight the viewers – Whether it be through humour or getting the viewers interacting with the content. It makes them stay around it watch it further.


Moore Shire Drone Footage.

Moore Shire is a council located in WA in Australia and they took a drone out when their roadwork crew was sealing one of their roads. Sounds pretty boring right. But it has amassed over 17 Million views because it’s something that gives an insight people hadn’t seen before. We drive on roads every day but have you ever thought how they were made?

Throwing Pottery for hours on end

I sat here and watched this video for over 30 minutes. It was somewhat ‘hypnotic’. This guy live streams him making his pottery on Facebook and can sometimes stream for over 2 hours long. He averages over 500K viewers each time! Think about it, that’s more than some primetime TV shows get these days.

Bodyform responds with humour

This is a great example that went viral by taking a simple piece of customer ‘feedback’ and turning it into a piece of content that was simple, succinct and resonated with just about everyone! ‘

There was a public post on Bodyform’s Facebook page that satirically commented how all the ads that men see for women’s ‘sanitary’ items were advertised using women rollerblading, doing extreme sports and generally enjoying what is clearly not always a pleasant experience. You can have a giggle at the post here.

Of course, everyone knows it’s a metaphor so Bodyform created a video that well, just watch…

The cart whisperer

This video from Verisign is a company you have probably seen and heard of multiple times but wouldn’t actually know it. Verisign provides the online security for online stores to keep people’s data safe when they’re entering the personal and payment details.

The premise of the video was to help companies prevent an ‘abandoned cart’ (when someone doesn’t complete an online purchase) but they’ve used some creativity and humour to showcase what they do. Check it out.

Ultratech keeps EVERYTHING waterproof

This is another example of that mesmerising and hypnotic type of video. Ultratech creates a sealant that keeps things waterproof and they posted a video of their product in action. Something so basic but also really impressive. So much so it now has over 12 Million views on Youtube.

Dollar Shave Club

The last one is one you may have seen because it’s the poster child of viral videos and while there was a little bit more production in this one (the budget was $4,500 for the whole video) it created an empire known as the dollar shave club.

3. How you can use these examples and put them in place in your business.

Before creating your own piece of content think about these 3 principles.

1.How does it make my customer feel and what is the end goal I want them to have with my company?

What reaction do you want them to have when they view your content? A tip, using the themes of curiosity and ‘behind the scenes’ is much safer and helps people feel closer to your brand; than wanting to make people laugh. If you want to make them laugh then you better be very funny because a poorly executed funny video just looks terrible.

2. Does it hurt my brand?

If the content is completely offensive and likely to end in a PR disaster then you want to take some steps to make sure that doesn’t happen. The reason I say ‘hurt your brand’ and not ‘suit your brand’ is the chances are the first time you do this it won’t ‘suit’ your brand because it’ll be something completely new. People will get an insight into your business that they never have before. So while it’s a big leap you need to be comfortable that over time it will build a closer relationship with your customers.

3. Does it provide value to my customers?

All of these videos that I’ve shown you relate to the business or industry they’re in. Just like it’s no use me giving financial advice when I work in social media marketing; your content needs to relate to what you’re already doing. Even if at the end of it all it does is entertain them for 5 minutes then that is value that you’ve given them by appreciating your business, making them feel better about themselves, informing them and then can go away different to when they first arrived.

** The only time that doing something that isn’t specifically related to your brand is when it’s timely marketing that is capitalising on trend. The most famous example of this and one that probably started the term now coined ‘real time marketing’ was Oreo at the Super Bowl in 2013 when the lights went out at the stadium and their quick thinking made people laugh and relate to them because this BIG company at the end of the day is just sitting there watching the Superbowl like millions of other Americans.

Of course, you need to consider what format your content is going to be in. Obviously, all these examples use video but the fact is they wouldn’t have had the virality and connection if they were in any other form.

And I know I know, you think video is hard, you hate being in front of camera and it’s time-consuming. But actually, it’s not. The advent of live video has completely changed the way that people consume video and what they expect and because over half of video is now watched on your mobile device you don’t need it HD or it to be a Spielberg production. Just focus on the quality of the content.

At the end of the day, that’s the backbone of these successful examples of marketing.

At the end of the day, quality is the backbone of successful examples of marketing.Click To Tweet

Your Turn To Take Action!

Let’s throw some ideas around on content you’re going to create for your business. Let us know in the comments and let’s see if we can help you create your next piece of viral content.