How we cut the time it took to manage our Social Media in HALF!

The more small businesses we work with, the more we discover the challenges they face each day and the hurdles they need to jump to manage their Social Media effectively.

Above all though, there is one thing that constantly gets in their way – TIME.

It’s the one thing we all want more of, so we know how precious it is to business owners to manage it effectively.

While we’d love to be able to free up time to manage other areas of your business, we’ll stick to the areas we know best to give you tips on how to get the most from your Social Media Marketing while doing it in a time efficient manner.

To help, it pays to make sure you have access to the best tools there are. There is one tool that we use – above all others – to help manage our Social Media.

That tool? Co-schedule.

We know what it’s like to try and stay on top of everything in your business and ironically, we were so busy helping other businesses publish across Social Media, that our own begun to be neglected.

We knew there had to be an solution so we set out to find one. Prior to finding a system that works, we calculated that we were spending over 500 MINUTES EVERY WEEK publishing our own content and cross-promoting other relevant content on Social Media. That’s over 8 hours or a full days regular work.

Enter Co-Schedule. This program helped cut our Social Media Marketing in HALF! We know only spend about 200 minutes each week and it’s been a god-send for our business. Here’s why…


Don’t you hate having to switch from website to channel…to another channel, posting a message here, copying and pasting that message over there? It becomes arduous and time consuming. The best thing we like about it is we can view EVERYTHING in the one spot.

Not just your Social Media either, we mean blog posts, tasks to do, campaigns that are coming up…EVERYTHING!

This is our calendar for the month so far.


One thing we find as business owners ourselves, is being able to see the big picture and what is coming up. This gives us a birds-eye-view of our marketing so we can prepare and feel comfortable knowing our business will be making progress.


We were finding that having to manage a calendar and then another tool for communication meant that deadlines weren’t being met and the process itself prevented us from doing it successfully.

Co-Schedule lets you add team members so you can communicate and allocate tasks to one another and stay on track. We were big proponents of both Basecamp and Slack with our different clients, but Co-schedule has effectively replaced them both.

Processes that you often repeat can be created in to a template so it’s a simple 1-click allocation to the right people to stay on track. We use this for large processes such as blog post or emails to subscribers. Each individual’s calendar shows what’s coming up and what you need to complete so you never get caught off guard.


The templates we use mean we can not only allocate tasks, but the Social Media publishing process is done for us.

Placeholders automatically add the title, short link and any other relevant information you want to customise so it’s as easy as selecting the channel you want to post on and when.

One feature that accelerates your results though is the ‘Social Queue Templates’.

These pre-defined templates schedule posts on the channels of your choosing over time. We know (and so do Co-Schedule) that although you have promoted your latest post, only a fraction of your followers on each channel may see it. Which is why we constantly follow up regularly and occasionally over time to show these posts to anyone that may have missed them.

With the click of one button, you can schedule up to 6 months in advance!


coschedule-social-queueIS IT WORTH IT?

Co-Schedule has two different pricing structures. One for Solo-preneurs and the other for Teams.

  • Solo subscriptions start at $15 per month and go up to a maximum of $60 per month
  • Team subscriptions start at $60 per month and go up to $300 per month (for VERY large teams)

Imagine the feeling, knowing you can sit back comfortably and rest-assured know you’re still being promoted on Social Media? Isn’t that feeling worth the price-tag?

Another way you could look at it, is think about the amount of time you will save each month? Is your time worth more than the monthly fee? We’d imagine it’s much more!

It’s time to invest in your business with a tool like this, you can take a free 7-Day trial to see how it goes. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

You can view the pricing structures and features on their website here.

What do you think? Will you change over to Co-Schedule after seeing it’s capabilities? We’d love to hear if you do!

Full disclosure, we’re big supporters of Co-Schedule and at no extra cost to you if you sign up to Co-Schedule using the links in this article we earn a small commission. We would only ever profile products we know and trust at Organik Digital, and this is one of them.

You can sign up here.