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We know that when businesses start their Facebook Advertising journey, it can initially be very overwhelming.

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We’ve created this list of tools and programs that helped us push through that overwhelm and provide resources that have ensured out campaigns are effective.

Use it as you see fit. The resources mentioned below help us every day and you deserve to know which ones are the best.

Some are free, some have a small monthly fee but you can guarantee we have tried and tested them and have got results with them.

Full Disclosure: Some of the below tools and resources are affiliate links to products that we highly recommend and have used before or currently still do. At no additional cost to you we will receive a commission if you decide to purchase them. We’re happy to answer any questions on the below products if you’re not sure about them or need clarification from someone that has used them before.

Facebook Advertising Resources

This is our list of our ‘go-to’ list of Facebook Advertising resources.

Facebook Pixel Installation guide

How to install the tracking code needed to track, measure and re-target websites browsers.

How to setup Facebook Custom Audiences

Once you have your Facebook pixel installed, you need to create audiences so Facebook can start populating them for you once they are triggered.

Facebook Pixel Helper

This Google Chrome extension helps you determine if your own Facebook Pixel is firing correctly. It also helps competitor analysis to see who is likely to use Facebook Advertising as a marketing channel.

Facebook grid tool to check text

Facebook has a strict ‘No more than 20%’ rule on text across images and video thumbnails. This tool will help you determine if you have too much text on your image and define what counts and what doesn’t as text on an image.

Facebook Success Stories

This area contains case studies for different industries, goals and countries around the world to see how you can use best practice advertising to get the results you’re aiming for.

Facebook Marketing Resources


Leadpages is our preferred landing page generator that helps us easily and efficiently creative high converting landing pages for our Facebook Advertising campaigns. Lead pages links directly with most email and CRM services to help you track signups and deliver targeted information.


We use Siteground as our preferred web hosting provider. They meet the big 3 as far as our hosting needs go – reliability, service and price. Their prices start from $4.95 per month and they’ll help you get off the ground for free if you’re transferring in from another service.

Email Marketing

We love Facebook Advertising, but we would never rely on just the one marketing channel for our business. We still believe that Email marketing can play an amazing role in your business if done properly. Below are some of our favourites that cater to different needs and budgets.


Free to begin with but we highly recommend upgrading to their paid system to help ensure email deliverability.


A fully dedicated customer management and email marketing program. You can track leads, up-sell, cross-sell and do all sorts of advanced features. If you have different services, lists and offers then Activecampaign is the most user friendly program out there we have found.


 A new program that has gained a lot of traction in the online marketing world. It combines directly with Leadpages (see above) and allows you to easily setup email sequences and triggers in a drag & drop system.

Facebook Advertising Creation

Video creation mobile apps

This list comes directly from Facebook’s recommended mobile apps to create video advertisements:


The easiest system to quickly and easily create images that can be used across Facebook Advertising.


Sometimes you just don’t know how to structure or start that video advertisement. Youtube director takes the stress out of that process by giving you step-by-step directions for a range of different videos.


Facebook has a built-in feature that can prevent and penalise you for using copyrighted music. Make sure you are always staying on the right side of copyright law by using the range of royalty free music sourced by Youtube.


Good stock images can be difficult to come by but Unsplash gathers skilled photographer’s photos from around the globe in a range of categories. If you can, give a tip of the hat to the photographers with a credit, they’ve put in countless hours to give you access to some of their best work.


Facebook actually has a library of royalty free images you can use for your own advertisements. You can browse the library once you’re in the ad creation process by searching for what’s available.


We use Camtasia for all our screen recording and editing process. Their editor is actually incredibly user-friendly to use, regardless of whether you’re integrating with a screen recording or not.

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