Facebook Advertising Updates: December 2017

The past month has been a big month of updates for Facebook Advertisers. Check out the links mentioned in the Facebook Live update to explore the changes in more detail.

The updates covered in this article include:

  • Advertising Principles Re-inforced
  • Facebook Messenger Enhancements
  • New engagement custom audiences
  • New video creator tools

Advertising Principles Reinforced 

Facebook published a brief story to remind advertisers of the principles that backup their advertising standards. The continue to emphasis that their platform is a ‘people first’ platform that will always put the user’s experience ahead of its advertisers.

The again spoke about the transparency and safety element of their ads, something that has been a big theme with Facebook this year.

Notably, they spoke about the ability that Facebook has to level the playing field with for small Vs big businesses.

“We believe that smaller businesses should have access to the same tools previously available only to larger companies with sophisticated marketing teams.”

This is one of the main reasons that Facebook Advertising has become so popular over the past 2-3 years.

Facebook Messenger Enhancements smb-kickoff-2 copy

Facebook focused heavily on Facebook Messenger enhancements in the past month. Firstly with a contest that operated on Small Business Saturday with a reward for the best creation of a Chatbot using Manychat.

They also released their initial beta version of the website chat plugin to the general public. You can now use Messenger as a replacement for Live chat plugins on your existing web presence. Linking them with a chatbot like Manychat means you can get quite advanced with it’s capabilities.

We’ve installed the plugin on our website, you can hit the Messenger icon in the bottom right corner to start playing around with our new chatbot.

New Engagement Custom Audience options yir17_hero_v1

Facebook are continuously giving you opportunities to move engaged users into a custom audience to allow you to retarget to them. This tactic is one of the best performing strategies to use because a) it means you don’t have to target cold audiences all the time that are more competitive, and b) Facebook knows those users are interested in what you have to say so are more likely to serve your ads to them at a cheaper price.

Two new options are gradually being rolled out:

  • Dwell time: This tracks people that have stopped to look at and view your advertisements but didn’t take any other action that could be tracked by other engagement custom audiences such as click, comment, like etc.
  • Link Sharing: This tracks people that share your ads with their friends and family. So if you have a viral piece of content that may not have got many conversions, you can retarget the people that have shared that content before with a more specific conversion based advertisement.

Both these options for targeting will be rolled out to advertisers in the coming months.

New Tools for Video Creators

Facebook has given more opportunities for video creators to develop an avid following and monetise the video content. It’s a clearly an attempt at luring Youtube influencers away from the platform to Facebook to take advantage of their huge community around the world.

The new video creator app includes resources to producing engaging content and the ability to quickly and easily interact directly from their mobile device.

They also introduced a new micro-site for creators to collaborate and show examples of how other Creators are capitalising on Facebook.

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