Advertising Updates – March 2018

Facebook Privacy Breaches

Without a doubt, the biggest changes to the advertising platform in recent history have come about because of the news that broke about data that was mined by Cambridge Analytica from Facebook during 2013 & 14 and subsequently used to profile millions of individual profiles around the world. This data was misused by companies for political campaigning.

What has happened as a result:

Key reading and resources:

Facebook Ad Metrics Updates

Facebook have clarified and removed a number of metrics that are both irrelevant, outdated and redundant.

Some of the key metrics that have been removed include:

  • People taking action
  • Amount spent today
  • Positive Feedback
  • Negative Feedback
  • Social Reach

Facebook Marketplace Placement

Facebook are starting to roll out capabilities to place your ads for products in their native ‘Marketplace’ feature. Marketplace is a section where Facebook users can sell their own products other users within their area.

Think of it as Gumtree, Craigslist or Ebay (without the payment possibilities) but on Facebook.

Facebook are now including the ability to show your ads within marketplace, it’s not a feature that allows users to promote their listing they have in marketplace.

The ad formats only support single image or carousel images for the time being.

This is another ad placement provided by Facebook to increase their ad inventory available to the amount of advertisers they have. The difference with this placement, is people are specifically browsing looking to potentially buy something which is a different mindset they would use while browsing their newsfeeds.

Test & Learn Updates

Facebook are improving their ability to give simple, practical feedback to advertisers to encourage them to learn more from their ads in the hope they spend more on the platform.

Theis new feature called Test & Learn is different than the average split test in ads manager. It works by measuring the probability that ads have increased the likelihood that someone is going to convert.

To do this, they choose an audience and split it evenly with one portion shown your ads, and the other not exposed to ads at all. At the end of the campaign they measure the improvement that ads have had if they weren’t there at all.

Their methodology is quite advanced, click here to find out more.

Campaign Optimisation Feature

Facebook has given advertisers extra flexibility in controlling how they spend their budget. Usually, the budget is controlled at the Ad Set level. The newly introduced Campaign Budget Optimisation allows you to set one single budget at the campaign level and then that budget will be distributed amongst the ad sets within that campaign.

This makes it easier for advertisers by allowing Facebook to determine where their budget is spent best. Allowing machine learning and interpretation of results removes the need for us as advertisers to try to make estimates or guesses.

Facebook Dynamic Creative rolled out to all accounts

Facebook Dynamic creative has officially rolled out to all ad accounts. This allows you test a number of different versions of ads to allow Facebook to determine the best performing combination for you. You can test up 10 different images or videos, text, headlines and buttons to get a faster indication on the creative that works best for that campaign.

To enable Dynamic Creative, make sure you select the option at the Ad Set level.

Ads Manager & Power Editor combine

It’s finally happened, the remaining accounts that still had Power Editor (I was one of them) have now fully merged with Ads Manager.

It’s much the same experience, just with the option to use the ‘Quick creation’ or ‘Guided Creation’ when you create campaigns, ad sets or ads. It also allows you to save any new creations to be saved as a draft before publishing the changes.

Custom Creative by placement

Sometimes the creative you have isn’t always suitable for every single placement. To help with this, Facebook has opened up the opportunity to customise the images you use between Facebook & Instagram.

This is now rolled out to all accounts and is an easily method to make sure that your ads always fit the environment they’re being shown in.

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