Facebook Advertising Updates: October-November

The past month has been a big month of updates for Facebook Advertisers. Check out the links mentioned in the Facebook Live update to explore the changes in more detail.

Facebook Explore Feed

This update caused a furore around the world as people declared the ‘end of pages for Facebook’ and begun to lambast the social media giant for introducing such a change. It’s important to focus on the facts associated with this change:

  • Explore feed is a feed different from your main one from sources they aren’t following
  • It’s content that is curated for each individual user
  • Isolated test running in 6 countries: Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Guatemala and Cambodia
  • Facebook has no plans to roll it out further


As a result of Russian advertising dollars being spent on political ads during the 2016 US Election, Facebook has taken steps to provide more transparency on ads that are being served by businesses.

This update allows any user to see all the ads an advertiser has run before.


Highlights include:

  • Facebook Advertisers tipped 6M
  • Instagram Advertisers doubled to 2M
  • Profits continue to soar – 79% YOY on $4.7B
  • Ad revenue increased $10.33B, a 47% increase from Q3 last year
  • Average price per ad increased 35%

Coverage: The Drum article | Mari Smith Facebook post


This update was released to a limited beta group of testers and introduces a Facebook Messenger live chat functionality to any website. The plugin connects directly to Messenger, allowing users to continue the conversation within their Messenger app.


Another update that was made in the hours after this Facebook live was broadcast (yes, Facebook changes often) was the introduction of creative split testing functionality, allowing a ‘true’ split test amongst an audience to determine which creative gets better results.

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