From your interests on your profile to the behaviours you perform on and off the platform – Facebook is now able to track the untrackable!

Facebook has created unparalleled opportunities to target your potential customers. The data it has available on its user base is phenomenal.

This is where Facebook’s power lies, in it’s ability to find the people that are most likely to perform your desired conversion.

As a business owner, you need to know that your advertising and money you’re giving to Facebook can help bring a return to your business.

Thankfully, we’ve had success with clients just like you and we know the current day-to-day tactics that help drive people that don’t know you (but should) through to people that are loyal and returning customers.

THIS is what sets us apart – our ability to design a strategy that gives you ongoing success – not just a quick win that isn’t sustainable in the long term and costs you money to get started.

What solution we offer…

  • Full start to finish setup of your Facebook Campaign
  • Save you time by creating a strategy that suits your business
  • Design high converting ads for your business
  • Optimisation of all ads on an ongoing basis
Have your ad disrupt, educate & motivate audiences who subconsciously need or desire your product. Facebook advertising DOES work

The basis of our strategy

We design a strategy to make sure your business is always front of mind when the customer is ready to make a purchasing decision.

This decision takes time, consideration and is never a linear process for each individual.


Our strategy helps move people closer to the point of purchase by getting them to perform micro-behaviours that gradually educates and builds a relationship with your potential customer.

Through high quality creative and the latest tactics, we re-target the customer by serving them the right ad at the right time.

The process…

We work a little differently than some Facebook Advertising businesses. We want to make sure that we’re the right fit for you and vice versa. We do this because we only take on a limited number of clients and with businesses, we’re confident we can help grow using our strategies.

Discovery Session

To begin the process with us, we require a paid discovery session.

We know, we’re asking you to pay us before you have even had our first meeting. But we’re so confident that the discovery document we produce at the end of the session will give you the clarity you need on what is required to produce results on Facebook Advertising.

What does the discovery session include?

  • The key talking points about your product, why it helps people and how to position it on Facebook & Instagram
  • Outline your key goals from your advertising strategy as well as helping you crunch the numbers to make sure you’re getting the return you’re looking for.
  • Discuss your audience, their interests and desires they have for your product to create specific ‘hooks’ that will lay the foundations for your ads.
  • Creation of a Facebook Ad Funnel that creates an online conversation with your customer to move them closer to the point of conversion.

The final document we produce within 7 days of our discovery session meeting:

  • Is specific to your business.
  • Outlines a Facebook Ads funnel for your business.
  • Is so good that we’ll give you your money back if you hate it.

If you decide to continue work with us, we’ll deduct the paid discovery session from our management fees. So regardless, it’s a win-win for your company.

The fee for our discovery session is $399, invoiced up front.

Following our discovery session, the process to getting your campaign live looks similar like this:

  1. DISCOVERY SESSION – we break down your business to identify how and who we’re going to promote it to across Facebook & Instagram (-21 days till launch)
  2. FACEBOOK ADVERTISING PLAN – we design a game plan that works for your business and is based on the expert information we syphon from your brain during the session. (-14 days till launch)
  3. CREATION – this is our time to shine, we take your business’ story and bring it to life through engaging and tactical ads (-4 days till launch)
  4. LAUNCH DAY! – It’s time to go live! We roll out and execute the game plan and set up the campaign from start to finish – 0 days till launch
  5. OPTIMISATION – we decipher the numbers that matter and use our expert knowledge to improve your campaign as we discover better and more profitable advertisements (+ 7 days post launch)
Ads that tell your story
Ads that educate your audience
Ads that convert

What is included when you work with us?

When you get into the daily management of your ads, here is what our service includes

We’re the ones that design, setup and manage your ads. We don’t ship off shore and when we need expertise, we look to local industry experts to make sure you get the best product possible.

Our fees are always fixed so you know upfront and can budget for our ongoing management. We can also spread payments over time to suit the budget you have available for your business.

With fortnightly reporting we make sure we’re always optimising your ads. We’re upfront with the ads performance and we’ll let you know ahead of time if performance changes. Our management is dynamic so it reacts as your business and it’s operations vary.

We revisit the strategy with you each quarter to make sure that we’re still on track to achieve your business goals.

We’re here when you need. That means when you need to know your latest conversion rates, it will be us that are there to answer your questions. We have a live dashboard or results that you can login to at any stage to monitor their performance and see how that latest business decision is affecting the ads performance.

The marketing insights we receive through ad performance often impact other areas of your business so we’re always highlighting lessons that could impact you as a business owner.

We give you the back the joy you have promoting your business by helping you focus on the key messages and shape the creative. Leave the numbers to us, we want to help you tell your story and WHY customers should choose you.



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