Sales Funnel Templates

Facebook Ad Funnels

Hands up if you have heard the phrase ‘you need a funnel!’ when it comes to sales, marketing or Facebook Ads? -✋✋✋

I’ll be honest, I’m guilty of this as well and fall into the trap of using jargon too easily.

But realistically, funnels are great in theory but when it comes to the user journey there is no linear process anymore. Consumers have the power to dip in, out and back in whenever they like. No one single user journey will be the same. All we can do as advertisers is be front of mind so when they are ready to purchase, they think of our business’ first.

So these funnel templates are a great start and they’re IDEAL if you just don’t know how to lay out a system that allows you to be in front of the right people. But with anything, you need to adjust and be dynamic with them. Some elements will work better than others, it’s up to you lay the ground work first and then put the finishing touches to make it a high converting funnel.

I’ve created a couple to cater for businesses with different resources and budgets. They include which ads to layout where, what behaviors they need to trigger and WHEN is the right time to put the next ad in front of them.

Drop in your details, I hate spam as much as the next person so there is no pestering follow up sequence of sales funnel emails that uses emotional arbitrage to get you to make a decision, just value, that’s all.

Get STARTED by downloading the free templates below and put them into practice today