How to use Facebook Lead Ads in your business

What are Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads are a solution that allow you to gather people’s details seamlessly while they’re still on Facebook.

Facebook Lead Ads load immediately and look like a normal ad, but when you press them a form appears that can bring in details directly from the user’s Facebook profile.

The best thing about Facebook Lead Ads is that you can generate leads without ever having to sending them to your site and risk losing them while your site loads, they’re entering their details or waiting for their confirmation.

How do they work?

Now available on mobile and desktop (originally they were just available on mobile) you create your own form for users to fill out while they’re still in Facebook.

You can customise the fields as you like and some fields even auto-populate with information directly from a user’s profile.

With Facebook Lead Ads, the user never actually leaves Facebook so it eliminates any possibility of dropping out and losing the chance for them to submit their details.

This is a particularly useful aspect because if you’re being charged per click on a ‘clicks to website’ campaign you will still be charged regardless if they convert or not.

Facebook have also bought in the option to create custom audiences of people who interact with your Facebook Lead Ads. So if they do click on the ad but DON’T convert, you can put them in an audience to re-market to and try with a potentially different type of advertisement.


How can you use Facebook Lead Ads?

Because you can customise the fields that users need to enter in your form, you can get as creative as you like with these.

From collecting email addresses to potential customer details, here are some ideas:

  • Email subscribers
  • Sales enquiries
  • Leads for quotes with customer information
  • Contact Us enquiries
  • Competition entries
  • Questionnaires
  • Webinars
  • Limited time offers/access to discounts

The main part you need to think about when deciding what to use Facebook Lead Ads for, is what am I going to offer? It needs to be of value. If the hook is valuable enough for your users they’re more likely to sign up.

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What you need for a Facebook Lead Ad

Before you get started, there are a couple of things that you need to set up for your Facebook Lead Ad.

1. What form fields you are going to put in your form.

You then need to set this up in the ‘Publishing Tools’ section of your Facebook Page if you haven’t already.

2. A Privacy Policy that outlines how you use the data you’re collecting.

This is a legal requirement by Facebook and you should have one on your main website anyway. If you don’t have one you should Google a Privacy Policy template for your country and/or state. Here is a link to generate a free one if you’re in Australia.

3. A ‘Context Card’ image to display when users open the form

This image helps explain in more detail what users can expect when they enter their details. You can get creative and add to the image you used in your original Facebook Advertisement. It needs to be 1200W x 628H.

4. How you’re going to access the data from the users

Facebook allows you to download it directly in a CSV form and import it in to your own system if you need.

But if you want to be more immediate and automate your contact method there are some options to connect to your system here.

Should I only use Facebook Lead Ads to gather contact details?

As with anything, the best option is to test which method works best.

In fact, Facebook even say in their Facebook Business section

“Create two separate campaigns: one using the website conversions objective and one using the Lead generation objective.”

Even though the process is simpler, one thing to remember is these ads are still relatively new to users. We’ve seen mixed results depending on the offer and the audience type.

The Website Clicks campaign also have more flexible options when bidding depending on what your campaign objective is. You can bid for clicks, leads or impressions – more options than Lead Advertisements have.

So, what next? How will you look at implementing Facebook Lead Ads in to your business? We highly recommend testing them for your next campaign to see their results.

Limited time offer – we’ve created a short mini-course on Facebook Lead Ads we’d like some beta-testers to take for free. There is no sales pitch at the end, just your feedback so we can get them right. If you would like to take this free course email and we’ll send you the details