Why we’re excited about Facebook Messenger Ads (and you should be too)

Recently I noticed a change on Facebook Pages that is shaping up to be a critical part of strategies for businesses in 2017 and beyond.

There was a small update to Facebook Pages recently that highlighted the fact that businesses can now encourage people to message their page.


The significant thing about the call to action was it the prompt ‘Get people to message your business’. Notice how it doesn’t say ‘Message people on Facebook Messenger’?

The reason I found this interesting was because it’s getting people to take action and start a conversation with your business, as opposed to the other way around. This shift in putting the responsibility on the user and giving them the ultimate power is a trend we’re likely to continue to see in digital marketing from 2017 and beyond.

In addition to the call to action on pages, you can (and should) set a Facebook advertising Campaign to encourage people to message your business.

There is a caveat to this at the moment though. Setting up a campaign with ‘hidden’ posts that haven’t originated on your Facebook page to receive messages can only go to an audience that has previously messaged your business before…


You CAN set up a campaign to go to a cold audience if you use the post that is already on your page. We’ll show you how to set that up shortly.

Facebook Messenger’s current state of play

You only have to look at the current stats and usage of Messenger to see that it’s making a big impact in how people are communicating.

  • There are currently 1 Billion Monthly Active Users
  • They post 17 Billion photos per month
  • 1 Billion messages sent between users to businesses each month
  • 30,000 Messenger bots at the end of 2016

On top of these stats the most important part is the people TRUST Facebook Messenger. They use it every day and they already feel comfortable in that environment.

Smart businesses will see an opportunity in these stats and it will become more important to have a strategy for Messenger in 2017.

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Why Facebook Messenger will (and has) become a big player

Imagine being able to ask someone why they didn’t convert on your website, in an environment they’re comfortable in? Maybe they had a question that you didn’t seem to answer in your marketing? Or maybe they just go distracted and need a nudge to complete the order?

The future of marketing is figuring out ways to better start the conversation and this is where Messenger has positioned itself brilliantly.

Being able to get the instant response that our society expects right now means that more customers are turning to live chat for communicating online with product and service providers.

Research shows that consumers ranked the following elements as their top three when it comes to experiencing great online customer service (source: comm100)

  • Getting my issue resolved quickly. (82%)
  • Getting my issue resolved in a single interaction. (56%)
  • Dealing with a friendly customer service representative. (45%)

PLUS according to eDigital’s Customer Service Benchmark report, customers enjoy live chat more than any other customer service channel.

Live chat has the highest customer satisfaction levels, at 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone.

How to use Facebook Messenger Ads

It’s important to note that the ads themselves don’t send a message directly to someone on Messenger.

Instead, they appear as normal advertisement on Facebook but instead of clicking through to a website or external app they go straight to Messenger to start a conversation with you.

You can customise the message that appears when they open Messenger according to what you’re offering or if it relates to a product/service you’re selling.

How to set up Facebook Messenger Ads

As we discussed before you need to firstly post a link on your Facebook page so you can use that post in the advertising.

  1. Use the ‘Get people to message your business’ call to action. Customise the image and copy and if you need to relate it back to what your end advertising objective will be. 
  2. message-my-business-postFor your campaign you can use the ‘Send people to a destination on or off Facebook’ or the ‘Increase conversions on your website objective
  3. Set the Advert Set including the audience, budget and schedule for the placement of the ad. Remember that this will take people directly to Facebook Messenger so placements outside of the platform might seem strange or foreign to some users.
  4. When setting up the Advert, go to the ‘Use Existing Post’ option. Your existing post may not appear though, to find it though select the option to ‘Enter Post ID’. To find the ID of your post, hit the time stamp on the post on your page to open it in a new tab. The ID is the number that appears after the facebook.com/PageName/posts/  Copy and paste this number in to the ID field and hit the submit button. Post ID and Time Stamp 
  5. Your existing post will be previewed in the placement you selected on the right hand side. Hit save (Review Order if using Power Editor) to finish your advertising campaign.

How they can fit in your strategy and sales funnel

The opportunities you can introduce a Facebook Messenger ad in to your business are numerous. Here are some ideas:

  • Start a conversation with a cold audience by finding out what makes them tick. ‘What’s your biggest challenge in your business’ or ‘What do you find the most irritating aspect when want to buy [insert product here]’
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. If you’re an expert in your field you can offer your expertise to potential customers by simply answering their questions.
  • Re-target people who didn’t complete their purchase. Maybe there is something you can help them with or they weren’t sure about, being able to instantly solve their problem might be just the thing that gets them over the line.
  • Start a sales ‘call’. People prefer to use live chat to enquire about services (see stats above) and rather than an email conversation that goes over 3-4 days or 5 unanswered phone calls, you can answer any questions they have straight up. This is great for big ticket items that often need a real person to convert the final sale or provide a quote. Digital Marketer have just seen a 500% ROI on their Messenger ads by having their sales team monitor their Facebook Inbox as opposed to the phones now.

What about Facebook Bots? Can I message those people that message me?

Great questions! There will be 30,000 Messenger bots by the end of 2016. But creating one is hard, right? Wrong. We’ve got a free tool for you that helps you automate your conversation with users and grow your contact database (yes, really).

Download our free Messenger guide below: