13 Free Facebook Resources You Didn’t Know Existed

Believe it or not, there are plenty of free Facebook resources that exist and some of them can have a huge impact on your business.

It seems that every week Facebook releases a new update to its platform or it’s ever growing library of apps and programs.

Check out our incredibly valuable list of 13 Free Facebook Resources you might not have got around to checking out yet:

1.Facebook Audience Insights


Imagine being able to analyse the demographics, interests and behaviours of EVERY Facebook user from around the world (that’s over 1.7 Billion BTW). That’s EXACTLY what Facebook Audience Insights allows you to do.

It’s a great method to do some market research on a potential business venture or analyse competitors against each other.

You can also compare the audiences against any existing pages or custom audiences you are an admin of as well.

Hit the Save button to make it immediately available as an audience to target with Facebook Advertising.

Access it via your advertising manager/business manager menu under the ‘Plan’ heading.



2. Facebook Blueprint Courses


Did you know you can learn Facebook directly from them themselves? They have a range of short courses ideal for small businesses, marketers and agencies. The topics range from basic Facebook Page management to advanced advertising tactics.

If hearing from the directly is more your style, check out their latest webinars they host on a range of topics as well at: facebook.com/blueprint/webinars

3. Campaign Planner


Campaign Planner allows you to get a better idea on metrics your campaign is likely to gather, according to the budget and objective you aim for.

This is great to be able to gauge the cost and plan for future budgets based on your audience targeting. Access in the menu of your business manager or Facebook ads manager.

4. Creative Hub


Creative Hub allows you to mock up advertisements and gather feedback from other members of your team before setting an advertisement live.

You have a unique link you can share with others and check how they appear across all devices.

This is a great resource for creative assets like Facebook Canvas.

5. Facebook Business Case Studies


Have you wondered how you can benchmark yourself against others in the same industry? Facebook has taken the best examples of advertising campaigns from around the world and gathered them in one simple hub for you.

The results are across different objectives, industries and continents so it’s easy to get some inspiration for your upcoming campaign.
Of course, it’s important to test for your own business but if you’re stuck for a starting point this might give you the kick-start you need.

6. Advertiser Help Centre


Have you just got questions about Facebook you want answered? Chances are there is someone else who has dealt with it before and has asked it in this community.

The search parameters are quite detailed and if you can’t find an answer it directs you in the right direction.

7. Facebook IQ


The data that Facebook has on it’s users behaviour both on and off the platform is phenomenal! Trying to decipher what it means to your business is another thing though. Facebook’s data analytics partners have produced detailed reports across different topics.

Their monthly spotlights give you the latest insights and their industry research allows you to see user behaviour relevant to you.

8. Instagram For Business Resources


More businesses are turning to Instagram to tap into their growing user base. But how do you turn that into business outcomes?

Facebook has combined their resources into one essential area for everything you need on the image based platform.

9 .Power Editor


This has actually been around for a LONG time but it still surprises me how many people don’t use Power Editor to set up and manage their ads.

The benefits of using Power Editor over the normal Adverts Manager are:

  • Streamlined workflow – set up and duplicate multiple ads/ad sets at a time.
  • Make bulk changes – edit details of multiple ads or ad sets all at once.
  • Advanced bidding options – allows you to go into detail on how you want your advertising budget spent.

10. Facebook Newsroom


The fact that we opened this article with ‘it seems every Facebook release a new update’, wasn’t a coincidence. Those updates from media outlets you see follow one source, The FB Newsroom.

Here you get the lowdown on each of Facebook’s latest updates, examples and how it affects marketers. You can also read more on their company, their financial growth and their impressive user statistics.

If you want each of their articles delivered straight to your inbox, I’ve set up an applet using IFTTT here

11. Facebook Pixel


If there is one key to running Facebook Advertising campaigns, it’s the Facebook pixel. The pixel helps you track, measure and re-target browsers. It unlocks SO many capabilities to advertise to the right audience.

Even if you’re not looking to advertise yet (and you better have a good reason why not), you should be tracking browsers on your website. If it’s not installed it can’t track browsers.

The good news is you only have to do it once and takes you or your webmaster less than 5 mins.

I’ve produced a full guide on the Facebook pixel you should definitely download here.

12. Pages to watch


It’s no use to Facebook if businesses are consistently putting out updates that are junk, irrelevant and of no use to it’s user base (and we know plenty already do). So they actually WANT to up-skill you to become a better publisher for your current and potential customers.

This feature is free and available to every page owner under the ‘Insights’ tab. It even suggests some related pages in your industry you can watch or you can manually add up to 5 competitors you want to keep an eye on to see how they’re performing.

13. Facebook Reminders


This is a simple little hack if social media tends to slip your mind occasionally (read, often). Facebook will ping you with a notification when you haven’t published something for the time frame you set.

Of course, it’s better to have a plan ahead of time but it’s great for when things in your business get on top of you. They also have a ‘Holidays’ feature that reminds you to post in the lead up to certain key dates that may impact your business.

Access this feature under the Settings heading (currently rolling out January 2017)