6 sites that provide fresh content for social media

Do you find it difficult to know where to look for new posts to publish on social media? In this blog post we outline 6 areas we always look to provide fresh content for social media.

We all know that lack of time is one of the biggest challenges we face when managing our business’ social media but it prevents us from achieving the most important aspect for your social media – consistency.

Consistency is not something that comes easily (we’re still learning every day) and until it’s ingrained in a routine for you, social media can often be the last aspect of your business you think about.

To help you maintain your consistency, here are 6 places that deliver us relevant and popular content we can publish on social media.

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1. BuzzSumo

This program is seriously impressive. It uses the power of users on the internet to determine it’s rankings.

It’s like Google, but it uses Social Media shares and popularity for the rankings.

Search for any topic and then filter its results by dates, locations and content types.

EG – Search for the most popular videos on Fly Fishing for the past month to then be able to take those videos and re-post them on your own page.

Bonus: You can also type a URL of any website to find it’s most popular content. A great way to see what has been shared for your own and competitor’s websites.

2. Nuzzel

Nuzzle is a great service that lets you tap into your network on Twitter to see what they’re talking about and what stories are popular right now.

You can use it a couple of different ways, in the search field you can type your topic and it will search popular stories from all it’s curation of feeds from around the web.

Or you can sign up for free using your Twitter account and it sends you a daily automated email that gives you a run-down of what you’re network is talking about.

I find this solution the best because I don’t have to worry about it and I always know that I can catch up on anything I may have missed.

Bonus: You can share your Nuzzel ‘Feed’ with others to subscribe to and provide them with a feed of relevant content as well.

3. Facebook Groups

Facebook are going all in on their groups feature. We’ve discussed before how you can use one for your business.

You can also use them in a couple of very productive ways:

  1. Find potential customers, get market insights and research by joining public groups around your industry and products.
  2. Join industry based groups that discuss content from around the web and potential business opportunities.

To find the right groups it’s simply a matter of searching the keywords in their groups section. Facebook have made it easy with categories to make finding groups to join very simple.

Bonus: Download the Facebook Groups App to make it easy to find new groups and engage with posts easily.

4. LinkedIn Groups

Sometimes using the other experts in your field can be the best source of sharing and finding content.

LinkedIn is a professional based social network so the interactions generally in or on behalf of user’s business they own or work for.

You might see them as competitors BUT if you create collaborative relationships with them they can potentially be a great source to share resources, tips and future partnerships with.

All groups on LinkedIn require you to request to be a member. When you’re accepted, introduce yourself and what value you can add to the group.

Bonus: Make it a habit to check these groups and engage in conversations on them, there are often some little nuggets of gold and links to content that you can use for your audience.

5. Twitter search via Tweetdeck

Twitter might not drive as much traffic as it once did, but it’s search feature is still powerful asset that you can use to your advantage.

To make it easy, I use a tool called Tweetdeck. Think of Tweetdeck like all of Twitter filtered into actual useful tweets that you can easily scour to find relevant links.

You can quickly and easily add search terms and filter them according to various parameters like location, type and users.

Set your searches up once and you’re good to go to find a stream of new content to re-purpose on your own social media.

6. Buffer Feeds

BufferFeedsOnce you have found some sites that consistently publish useful content, you want to make sure you see any new stories they publish so you can use them down the track.

The feeds feature in Buffer allows you to connect and RSS feed so it brings in any new stories as soon as they’re published.

From that feed, you can quickly and easily schedule them across multiple social media networks using Buffer’s main scheduling tool (this is their bread & butter)

Note: this is a paid feature in Buffer. Subscriptions start from $10 USD/mth.

Bonus: Find out how to get an RSS feed and add it to Buffer here.

Your Turn To Take Action!

Ok, so now you have your war chest of sites to find content, how do you make the most of it? Learn how to use your new content and how it impacts your business in our upcoming webinar ‘6 steps to finding content that builds a raving fan base’. It’s free to join, reserve your seat below: