Gain a competitive advantage with this free Facebook Tool

We all know that Facebook is a Social Media Monolith that belittles any other Social Media network. There is no longer the chance that something could come along as a ‘Facebook’ killer (so stop posting about it) as it expands do developing countries with their project. Don’t believe us, check out their last quarter stats:


The biggest opportunity that Facebook provides to marketers as it grows is the ability to tap in to the detailed data they have on it’s user base. The best thing about it, the majority (privacy data is never compromised) of information is free. BUT Most people just don’t know they can access it.

The free tool called Audience Insights and is available to anyone with an advertising account, you don’t actually need to spend any money though.

When you first access the tool you can explore the details of all of Facebook’s audience (that’s all 1.55 Billion of them) or filter them through various basic settings based around demographics. That’s when you can really get some nuggets of gold!

Here are some examples on how you could use Facebook Audience Insights to your benefit:

Research your competitor’s audience

To do this, you need to find your competitor’s page in the Interests section. A caveat, not all pages will appear there and unfortunately Facebook can be very selective on which pages appear in the interest section. We’ve seen pages with 3,000 likes show, and pages with 30,000 likes not…there isn’t any consistency in it unfortunately. One way around it is to fine tune the interests that are based around that company.

From there, you can filter by demographics, behaviours and the multitude of options (we’ve got them listed out for you below) to find gaps, consistencies and help drive your future competitive advantage.

Will your product work? Find which people are interested in it

Facebook group pages in to broad Interest categories to save you having to find each individual page when you want to target it in advertising. This is really useful when you can’t target a business that doesn’t exist yet but you want to research a potential audience.

Test this feature and combine with other filters to find out more about who your potential target audience could be. It’s so much easier than having to find out the hard way after launch.

Discover the demographics of Facebook users

At it’s most basic level, Facebook provide some thought-provoking insights on it’s user base.

There are of course the age range, genders and location of it’s users but the personality profiles in Audience Insights is where it really shines.

From job titles, relationship statuses and lifestyle you can research locales around the world to discover more about them then you have ever known.

How to Access It

The million dollar question! Good news is, it’s incredibly simple.

  1. Go to (sign up for an account if you haven’t already)
  2. On the Tools menu, select Audience Insights
    Where To Find Audience Insights
  3. You will be shown this window when you first open it, but you can adjust it once you’re in
    Facebook Audience Insights Welcome Screen

Save time with our Audience Insight document.

When you first login the array of options can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve taken the trouble out researching all options and have put them in one simple document for you.

To download our Audience Insights worksheet, enter your details below: