Google+ and your Small Business: What the changes mean to you

GooglePlusLogoNewIt’s had a complete overhaul. With extreme competition from Facebook and Twitter, the grand plans for Google+ never really worked out they way they would have hoped – but that’s not to say you should be giving up on Google forever.

Google+ biggest properties of Google Photos & Streams and Google Hangouts have now formed their own separate entity. Youtube users no longer need a Google account to upload videos. These changes are massive for the future of Google+.

While the writing might me on the wall for the future of Google+, Google insists that it isn’t going anywhere. With this is mind, Google+ can still play a role in your marketing mix. Find out more about how you can integrate Goolge+ in to your small business marketing strategy:

1. Google+ Hangouts

As mentioned, hangouts are no longer held “within Google+”. It’s now available as its very own app but still incredibly simple to use. It’s their way of combining how you chat with other people with messaging, video and voice calling:

2. No saturation in Google+

There are no annoying ads on Google and with not as many people on the channel, it’s a great way to share content without fearing that no one will see it. The layout has also simplified into two easy columns, making it much easier to consume and share content.

3. Photo quality is awesome on Google+

From the beginning, Google+ killed it with superb image quality (which is why a lot of early adaptors to the platform were photographers). The good news is, none of that has changed. In fact, it’s improved. It now auto-enhances images for you to ensure the highest quality and best looking photographs are uploaded.

4. Be short and succinct on Google+

Much like Facebook, the new change means that once the text reaches over about four lines, a ‘read more’ tab pops up. The tip for this is to make sure that what you are saying is short and succinct and that the main keywords are in the first two lines. This will help with your SEO and to grab the readers attention more quickly.

Your turn…

What do you think about the changes to Google+? Will you continue to use it the same way? Tell us in the comments to continue the conversation…

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