Your guide to small businesses social media on Christmas Day

Ah Christmas Day! The one day you can usually have a break from the internet as business owners… but – your customers will almost certainly be online.

Because of this, it means you must be prepared for the inevitable. It also means you need to be a little prepared for the day itself.

To keep things smooth on Christmas day, we’ve put together some do’s and don’ts for December 25.

DO wish your audience a happy Christmas if you think it’s appropriate

DON’T feel like you need to post a Happy Christmas message if you’re not comfortable doing so

DO be ok with not answering any customers questions on social media on the day

DO be ready to go with materials for any post-christmas sales

DON’T promote a boxing day sale on Christmas morning (let people enjoy their gifts first)

DO schedule in any planned content for the day so you’re not stuck posting on the day instead of enjoying your third helping of lunch

DON’T have too many eggnogs and decide to post anything on your business pages

DO encourage people to share photos of your product if they’ve received it as a gift (it’s great for user generated content in the days following)

Above all – enjoy your day! It’s the one day off to spend with your loved ones so we encourage that above anything else.

Happy holidays!

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