How to get started with messenger chatbots using a Get Started chatbot

If you’re looking to get started with a Facebook Messenger chatbot, this is the perfect place to setup and install a ‘Get Started’ chatbot for your business.

The Get Started chatbot is one of the 3 types of chatbots we cover and help you implement during the live training sessions in the Messenger Marketing Movement. We also speak about the Get Started chatbot during our free 30-min online webinar that takes you through examples and how each of them can help your business.

The Get Started chatbot helps you:

  • Start new conversations with potential customers.
  • Set expectations with people that message your page.
  • Answer their questions BEFORE they type an answer.
  • Lead them to common areas that might help the customer.

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The main parts of the Get Started Chatbot are the Main Menu, Welcome Message and Default Reply.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is a static main menu that sits at the bottom of the conversation window for users. It has 3 main options that when clicked, can lead people to more messages or other behaviour such as opening web links.

Welcome Message

The Welcome Message fires BEFORE someone types a message to your page’s inbox. So once they first interact with you and hit the get started button (displayed for all first time users) the message will immediately reply.

Using this message wisely helps you provide the user with more context around expectations and potentially answering their question before they’ve even typed it.

The message can contain images, videos and up to 10 quick reply buttons that can trigger other behaviours and follow up messages.

Standard Reply

The Standard Reply message is triggered after someone types a message in your inbox and none of the other automated messages or behaviours are activated. The Standard Reply is useful to help set expectations on when to expect a reply eg “Hey thanks for your message, we’ve notified one of our team and they’ll jump in here within a few hours (on business days) to help you out”

It can also be used to offer answers to common questions in the form of more buttons or quick replies. You can also direct them to the options in the main menu.

The benefits of the Get Started chatbot

The Get Started chatbot is a great option for businesses that just want to ‘dip their toe in the water’ of chatbots and see what they can do as it’s the entry level starting point for most businesses. Best of all they:

  • Are quick to setup and can be done immediately.
  • Help reduce operational resources by answering questions without a human being required.
  • Lay a great foundation to expand upon and build your chatbot.

See how the Get Started chatbot is implemented for Click Engage Convert below:


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