How to Install a Facebook Remarketing Pixel

What if you could re-market to visitors of your site through an advertisement on Facebook?

Picture this: You go and browse a gift for Christmas and then WHAM! it’s sitting in your newsfeed offering you an incentive to come back and purchase.

It sounds crazy right? The good news is it’s totally possible and to put it simply if you aren’t using the Facebook pixel then you’re simply missing out.

The great thing about the Facebook Re-marketing Pixel is once it’s installed once, it’s done! You only need to make any changes for upcoming campaigns or particular objectives you want to achieve.

To install the code, you might need a bit of web development knowledge but it’s relatively simple if you know your way around your website. If not, best get your web guru to install this one, it shouldn’t take an expert very long at all.


1. To access the pixel, go to

2. Click the Tools > Pixels menu option then select the button to Create A Pixel

HowToSetupAFacebookReMarketingPixel_ChoosePixelOption3. Don’t forget to name your Facebook Pixel

HowToSetupAFacebookReMarketingPixel_NameYourFBPixel5. You can either select ‘Install Pixel’ and you’re presented with the following window
HowToSetupAFacebookReMarketingPixel_ViewPixelCode6. To access the pixel code at any stage select Actions > View Pixel Code for the same window to pop up
HowToSetupAFacebookReMarketingPixel_CheckPixelCode7. You simply need to copy and paste the code in the window between theandsections in your website code. If this sounds like gibberish or you need a hand check out this Facebook help page here.

8. If you want to check that it’s working properly, simply start browsing your site and you will gradually see the statistics for the pixel installed OR you can install the Facebook Pixel Helper extension on Google Chrome here (it’s much easier and we recommend this)

Bonus Tip

To start creating custom audiences based on browsers to particular pages. Click Create Audience. The following window allows you to create combinations of browsers that visit your site and particular pages.

From there, the only limit is your imagination. Here are some ideas and examples of browsers you can target once the pixel is installed.

Blog Post Visitors

Getting traffic to a popular blog post? You can target visitors to that specific blog post and suggest others that they may like but didn’t go on and keep reading. They have obviously shown an interest in what you have to say, why not show them the rest of the great content you have.

Product Browsers that don’t buy

Browsers that viewed a product but didn’t buy it…yet. Maybe they need a little incentive to get them over the line. It’s time to hit them with an advertisement on Facebook that might add some more value, or maybe they just need to be reminded that your offer is only available for a limited time. The ability to target these ‘warm’ leads is one of the biggest benefits from once the pixel is installed.

Abandoned Shopping Carts

Remind a browser that the cart they abandoned recently is still there. Get them to come back and complete that purchase they intended to but didn’t. They haven’t paid yet, maybe an offer code to enter at the checkout is a good way to get them over the line?

Old visitors, that haven’t gone to your site in a while

People get busy, sidetracked and distracted. There was once a time when they visited your site ritually and it’s time to remind them that you still offer some amazing value. You can create audiences that have visited your site up to 6 months ago, now is the time to show them your latest piece of content that everyone is loving.

Exclude people that have already purchase or signed up

You don’t want to waste money on customers that have already converted, nor do you want to annoy them if you’re offering an extra incentive to get them over the line. Using the EXCLUDE feature you make sure that a this audience aren’t shown the advertisement you’re setting up.


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