How to Schedule Social Media for Christmas and New Year

If you’re a small business and also a mad superhero when it comes to doing everything for it, chances are you’re in need of a break when it comes to the Christmas and New Year break.

Right? (yes, you say with a collective sigh).

Well, we’re here to help. As much as we advocate for people to be on social media, we know that it’s also good to take a break from it from time to time.

So we’ve put together a small list of things to help you schedule Social Media before you switch off.


If you’re sending your channel ‘dark’ over Christmas, it doesn’t mean you have to be completely silent.

Schedule a few things in here and there – not too much – but enough to keep your channels active to a certain extent.

Prepare some Christmas and New Year graphics to have go up on their respective days and depending on your brand, a few posts that might tie in with what your about. For example, if you’re a brand with a beach-y theme, post a few articles about why summer is the best, why you need vitamin d etc. etc… get where we’re going?

Pass on to someone else

If you’re the boss and need a break, you are well deserving of it. But do you have any other staff who might be keen to take over for a few days?

We do encourage that they at least know what they’re doing but even if they just check comments or reply tweets to make sure there’s nothing too serious going down in the universe that you’re missing out on.

Let your customers know

Post something on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, email list and let your fans know you’ll be unavailable. This way, even though you will have some things to get back to, there won’t be a mountain of angry customers who weren’t aware you weren’t going to be responding.

And if you are considering taking some time off, please do not have a sale or promotion of any sort! The last thing you need is the stress of packing orders or the added stress of something going wrong while you’re uncontactable.

So, to help ease you through this holiday period, we’re offering you all a free download of our favourite scheduling tools that will assist over the coming days!

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