Verify your Facebook Page – Now Open to Everyone

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Facebook recently announced a change that made all small business owners do a high kick in celebration! (or was that just us?)

Small and local business now have the opportunity to verify their business pages. At the moment, it is only available to businesses with a physical location but Facebook are gradually rolling it out to all businesses.

This used to be reserved only for ‘official’ pages, public figures or larger businesses. So this is a big step for all the smaller guys out there! (Noted it is a grey coloured tick, not blue, but still!)

And the best part? It’s super easy to do!


Head to the Facebook Help Article here for all the particulars on how to get it done OR we’ve made a quick video that guides you through every step. Watch it in the viewer above or watch it on Youtube here.

It will literally take you less than 2 minutes. But with everything else on your plate today, are you even worried about doing it?

The answer is yes! This is a big moment for small businesses. Getting seen on Facebook can be hard, so it’s important to be seen as the official voice for your brand amongst all the clutter.

It also gives you a bit of street cred. Customers will be more willing to engage with you knowing you take this page seriously and verified pages will appear higher in search results. It almost gives customers that sigh of satisfaction or relief knowing they’v found the right page they’re looking for.

You can read more on the announcement at marketingland

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How to verify your Facebook Page