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The Most Important Social Media Marketing Graph for 2020

As we head full steam towards 2020, the focus shifts to what trends to expect across the social media landscape. As marketers adjust and make their predictions to stay ahead of the game, Mikael Yang stands alone on a stage in Austin, Texas to a 500+ strong crowd with one of the most important graphs in social media marketing’s recent history.

Yang is the founder of Messenger Chatbot program Manychat. Manychat has recently secured over $18M funding from the leading investors in silicon valley. As he boasts about the growth of Manychat’s users and subscribers, one simple graph puts into perspective the future for the 3rd party Messenger program.

In 2020, there will be more social messaging app users than social network users.

This graph shows the increase of Messenger users compared to social network users

To be clear:

  • Social Messaging apps include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram direct messaging for instance.
  • It doesn’t include SMS.
  • Social Networks is every other social network put together.

To reiterate:

  • There will be more people using Messaging apps for private conversations.
  • There will be less people using social networks in a public manner.

Messaging app usage has slowly been growing as access and features are introduced to make conversations more interesting, engaging and users prefer to have conversations with friends and family in a private space. Tech companies not valuing individuals data privacy as highly as they should has also driven conversations to more private environments.

For the first time, users prefer to use the messaging environment more than their regular social networks – but will marketers shift their attention towards this environment?

It’s a question that business owners and marketers will need to consider when allocating budget according to where their customers are spending most of their time and with a heavy focus for the past decade on

It’s important to ask – what can we do about the shift in attention?

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1. Connect a Manychat bot to your Facebook Page

You can start for free so there is no excuse not to look at how you can make the most of your existing audience across Facebook.

Doing so NOW means you can gather data regardless of whether you’re looking at using Messenger today, tomorrow, or next year. If you don’t connect Manychat you can’t collect subscribers.

The beauty of the Messenger environment means it’s simple to collect information from users email, phone numbers and preferences and then save that in your other systems to communicate with them.

2. Start creating conversations

It sounds simple, but how often do we open up opportunities for our potential customers to have a conversation or ask the questions they’re burning to ask.

It’s easy to talk at customers as opposed to talking with them, here are a couple of simple ideas to start with your Messenger chatbot:

  • Deal with the ‘low hanging fruit’ frequently asked questions: what things do you commonly get asked that you can help answer immediately?
  • How can you deliver information in another medium or in an environment they’re more likely to enjoy and has a higher conversion rate? Send lead magnets, collecting signups and registrations via Messenger is a great way to start having more conversations with people.

Want to setup and install your Messenger Bot in 20 Minutes? Download our free guide here