New Advertising Options for Physical Based Businesses

“There’s an app for that” – how many times do you hear that each week? Every new startup these days has an increased focus on online interactions, but at the heart of every human being is a desire for personal interaction. Facebook knows they have a role to play to ensure that location based businesses can combine the power of their in-person interactions, with the convenience of the online world.

They’ve recently released a new feature available to advertisers to track in-store conversions as a result of Facebook Advertising. This is a big step in the right direction for physical businesses that are looking at ways to battle against online juggernauts without the overheads they face each day.

What advertising options are available to physical businesses?

Facebook now offer a ‘Store Visits’ objective when you first setup a campaign. Allowing you to target people that are most likely to visit your store (or location). Remember, Facebook’s algorithm is extremely accurate at finding people that are most likely to perform that behaviou dictated by your objective. Find out why choosing the right objective is important in our other blog post here.

Find out more about this objective and watch Facebook’s video explanation below:

New Advertising Options for Physical Location Based Businesses - video

How does tracking Store Visits work?

After setting up your Facebook Store Visits campaign, Facebook tracks conversions by recording the mobile location of users that have been served on of your ads.

If they visit your store and meet several measurement signals then Facebook counts that towards your advertising results.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean they converted in store or purchased from you, it’s far from a perfect measurement but in a mobile first world it’s as close to proper results as we can currently get.

If you want to get down to the nitty gritty of how it’s worked out, check out this post from Facebook here.

How do you measure Store Visits?

Once you have your Store Visits campaign up and running you can access the results in Adverts Manager reporting.

Select ‘Customise Columns’ in the drop-down menu above your advertising results.

Search for or select the ‘Store Visits’ section under the conversions heading on the left-hand side of the popup.

New Advertising Options for Physical Location Based Businesses - store visits

You can choose to measure by both individual store visits and ‘cost per store visit’ to give you an idea of how much it’s cost to acquire each customer. It’s important to have a gauge of how much each customer visit is worth to you, based on average spend and average conversion rates. This will give you a more ‘truer’ measurement of how successful your Store Visits campaign has been.

Don’t forget offline conversions…

Facebook gives advertisers the ability to upload data during or after running a campaign for Facebook to match against users that have been served ads during that campaign. To do this you need to be collecting data from your customers when they convert (name, email, phone number etc.). To find out more about offline conversions, view Facebook’s help article here.

Are you a physical business that plans on using this new feature? Let us know in the comments how you think it could help drive foot traffic to your store and if you have got results from it!


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