7 Reasons you struggle to find content for your Social Media

How many excuses have you tried to come up with to stop you from actually going all in on social media for your business? It might be that you don’t actually know the answer to your question, but more often than not it’s because of one thing – fear.

Fear that it won’t work, fear that it will take you away from other areas of your business, fear of starting something new.

I get it. And believe me I’ve heard every excuse in the book (I used to be one of those people).

So I’m here to give you the REALITY on those excuses you keep throwing at me.

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Reason #1: No strategy set for social media

It might feel like you’re just posting on social media for the sake of it. Because someone told you to or you know your business HAS to be on social media to keep up with the rest of the industry.

If you don’t take a step back and start with the ‘why’ you’re just flailing towards a disastrous and stressful landing that won’t look pretty.

The Reality:

BEFORE you set out on the social media journey it’s actually quite easy to have a think about how you’re going to present your business online. If you want to go about creating a large strategy document that will help you track and measure your results, by all means go for it – but be wary of the document that is created and sits on a shelf gathering dust once it’s done.

Reason #2: Lack of consistency

The rate you post on social media goes up and down like a rollercoaster. It’s fine when you’re in a routine but then BANG along comes something that knocks you about and you fall behind.

When you try to pick it back up again you feel like you’re starting behind the 8-ball and you can’t get going. It just feels like another thing you have to do.

The Reality:

Consistency can be easily solved by finding a routine that suits your business and your lifestyle. That routine can be helped exceedingly by using the right tools and the right programs to manage and prepare your social media.

Reason #3: You’re not patient enough

You’ve been working at this social media thing but you just can’t seem to get any traction with it. It feels like you’re shouting into an empty chamber.

Every time you post it’s just…*cricket noise*….

The Reality:

Facebook is the modern day Rome (the ruler of the social media kingdom) and we all know it wasn’t built in a day! Creating a following is going to take time.

Also, we want to make sure that you’re tracking it properly and focusing on the right numbers. Just because you don’t see the likes and followers going up, doesn’t mean that what you’re doing isn’t resonating and bring you business you just don’t know about.

Reason #4: Worried that people might say that it sucks!

Your business is celebrating a milestone and you’ve taken a cool video that shows just how passionate you are about your customers.

“But is it actually any good?” “What if someone hates it?” “I don’t want my manager to see any negativity in the public!” (these are all actual reason I’ve heard before btw)

The Reality:

Fear is always present whenever we hit the ‘publish’ button. I used to read things 5 time before I would hit publish to an audience that had over 500K Facebook Likes. It terrified me.

BUT there is a 99% chance that they nifty video you have created will actually resonate with your target audience and they will appreciate you bringing them ‘behind the scenes’ to show what your business is all about.

And the negativity that you’re unlikely to receive is actually helpful because a) it gives you feedback on what doesn’t work and perhaps how you can refine it for next time, b) that person isn’t likely in your target audience anyway so unless it’s constructive, is it really worthwhile to your business?

Reason #5: Does it suit my business?

You know who your target market is but you’re just not sure if they’re using social media. You seem to be saying what they want to hear but they aren’t engaging and listening to you.

The Reality:

Here are some stats to convince you otherwise:

  • Facebook has just tipped over 1.7 Billion users
  • 76% of those users logged in every day in 2016
  • On any given day Snapchat reaches 41% of 18-34 year olds in the US
  • 81% of Millennials check Twitter at least once a day
  • The average LinkedIn user spends 17 Minutes on the site per month
  • 93% of Pinterest users use the platform with an intent to purchase

This is just a really brief snapshot of some of the biggest platforms, but doesn’t that tell that you that people from all walks of life are on social media?


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Reason #6: You feel uncomfortable in front of camera

Video and live video is one of the biggest trends to hit the tech industry and social media for years. But you HATE being in front of camera and having your face for everyone to see.

It feels awkward, you’re worried people will hate it (see Reason #5) and that the time invested in it won’t be worth it.

The Reality:

The numbers around video views on social media don’t lie. There are over 800 Billion video views on Facebook every day!

Take a minute to think of your video consuming habits on social media. Will you stop watching a good video if it’s poor quality? If you find the content engaging or funny, will you stop watching it because it wasn’t filmed in HD and the sound wasn’t great? – It’s very unlikely!

The best thing that social media has done for videos is that it’s bought out the authenticity and rawness from video content producers all around the world.

Live video captures people’s attention because it’s honest.

It’s time to look past and wonder what disservice you’re doing to your customers if you don’t get into video on social media.

*side note, do you want to know what the most popular non-music video is on Youtube – ever? It’s this – https://youtu.be/_OBlgSz8sSM. I bet you’ll still laugh even though it was filmed on a home video from 90s!*

Reason #7: You’re in a boring niche

Is it common that when you mention to people at a party what you do, their eyes glaze over and they quickly look for an out to escape?

I get it, when you talk about your business to others they just don’t find it engaging or interesting. But are they the people that you’re going to be talking to on social media?

The Reality:

You know who DOES find your industry interesting – YOU! And you know who else? Everyone else that works in it!

These are the people that you’re talking to on social media so while the mention of industry lingo and buzzwords might turn some people away, it’s how you talk to your people.

Use this to your advantage by building content around that industry and to the target you will communicate with each day.

Think about some of the biggest brands around the world and how they have grown into much more than the product they sell.

Red Bull is one of the best examples. Their social media and youtube channel is one of the most consistently watched channels every day. Their content is engaging (extreme sports at it’s best) but at the end of the day, they sell a 330ml can of energy drink. But do you remember them for the drink or their cool videos?

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