How to set up Facebook Collection Ads

Facebook has made it easier than ever for your customers to browse and purchase your products online with the recent addition of Facebook Collections.

Facebook Collections is a new ad unit that features products directly below the image/video in your ad so they can see your product in action, and make a purchasing decision on the spot.

Perfect for ecommerce stores, the ad unit itself is super easy for the user to navigate and browse products with instant loading times and key information that is populated automatically.

It’s designed purely for Facebook mobile newsfeeds only, Instagram isn’t yet available (I’d predict this isn’t too far away) and with over 80% of browsing Facebook completed on mobile, it makes sense for them to focus on the mobile format.


How do I setup Facebook Collections?

Step 1: Product Catalogue

Facebook need to be able to showcase your products under the image or video and to do that you need to connect your store to Facebook with the product details.

Heads up, this is a bit technical but once it’s done it automatically updates and you don’t need to touch it. You also need at least 8 products to set up a product feed.

To connect your store, you need to produce a ‘product feed’. Put simply, this is URL that connects to your store and updates regularly to check if there are any changes or updates to products. Most eCommerce providers come with plugins or options that will produce a product feed for you. We’ve listed the main ones below:

Once you have your feed, follow these steps.

1.Find Product Catalogues in Business Manager Product-Catalogue-Facebook

2. Add a New Product Catalogue 

3. Name your product catalog, select the type and click ‘Create Product Catalog.’ facebook-product-catalog-3

4. Add people who can access your product catalog, if necessary (otherwise just skip it).

5. Select the pixel(s) that will fire (if any) on the pages where these products can be purchased.

6. After setting it up, select ‘Add Product Feed’. facebook-product-catalog-5

7. Name your feed and select the currency associated with your feed. Add-New-Product-Feed

8. Choose whether you want to:

  • Schedule Recurring Upload: Choose this option if you’ve created a Product Feed URL and need Facebook to regularly check for product changes like stock levels and price changes.
  • Single Upload: You can upload a file once that includes the relevant information but you will need to update it manually if there are any changes in the future.

9. Once the product feed is setup without any errors, you can now setup a Collections advertisement.

Facebook Collections Ads are a really valuable option to showcase your products. Click To Tweet

Step 2: Setting up the Facebook Collections Ad.

Collections advertisements are finalised in the ‘ad’ section of your new campaign.

When you first setup your campaign you will need to choose the ‘Traffic’ or ‘Conversions’ objective. Facebook-Campaign-Objective

Collections only work on Facebook Mobile Newsfeeds so you will need to change it accordingly in the ‘Ad Set’ section.

The remainder of the settings are up to you.

When you set up the ad, choose a video or image that will appear above the advertisement.

Once you’ve added a description and title for your ad, you can then select which products from your Product Catalogue you want to show. You can preview up to a maximum of 4.Facebook-Collection-Preview

You can also hit the ‘Preview’ button to view the screen they will be taken to after clicking on the ad that shows all your products or a product set (a particular category within all your products). After clicking on the product, they will be taken directly to your site to make the purchase.

Lastly, don’t forget to track conversions by selecting a pixel you want to associate with these ads.

You’re done!

How can you use Facebook Collection Ads?

These are ideal for e-commerce businesses that have multiple products and want to tell a deeper story about them.

Combining video with products is a great technique because sometimes, using video to promote a product distracted the user from purchasing. This is a really valuable option to showcase your products.

Being able to identify what products are featured in the video or image is a technique that was adopted in detail by Pinterest and Google more recently. Their ‘image search’ feature allows you to focus on a particular detail of an image and then search their database for similar images that look like this product.

It’s a similar principle when users see something they want to purchase they want to find out more about it asap and this feature allows them to do that.

Need help setting up a product feed or facebook collection? We offer this service as a once off and is also included in all ongoing partnerships with our clients. Email Dan at for more information.


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