How to set up Facebook Offers

Have you wondered how you can utilise Facebook Offers to drive traffic to both your online and offline presence? In this article, we cover the steps on how to set up a Facebook Offer.

What are Facebook Offers?

Facebook Offers have been available for Facebook pages for some years now, but until recently Facebook hasn’t focused much of their development on improving the features of them.

Within Facebook Offers, lies a fantastic opportunity – particularly for local businesses – to drive foot traffic to their store.

As a business, you can set up an offer that when claimed by a user, is emailed to them, added to their Facebook account and notified if they don’t claim the offer.

While you can also run options for online offers as well, this tactic helps physical businesses measure the impact of their promotions; something that has been difficult to get a true indication on from social media for some time.

How do Facebook Offers work?

When you set up a Facebook Offer it doesn’t always need to be a discount, it can just be a unique way to promote a value add from your business.

The beauty of Facebook Offers is when the user claims them. The offer from the business is:

  • Linked to their Facebook profile to access in the future.
  • Emailed to them via the email linked to the Facebook user account.
  • Reminded (via Facebook notifications) that they have an unused offer they may want to claim.

We set this Facebook Offer up for Lord Coconut that we claimed an was added to our Facebook Offers on our personal account

All of this happens automatically as soon as the user claims the offer to increase the chances that they will claim it.

How to set Facebook Offers up

Before setting them up, you need:

  • The details of your offer eg – what it is you will be offering
  • Whether it will be claimed; in-store, online or both
  • An image (1200Wx627H) or video to describe the offer
  • A title for the offer (up to 50 characters)
  • A description for the offer (up to 250 characters)
  • An expiry date for the offer
  • Discount code (optional)
  • Terms & Conditions for the offer (optional)
  • Total offers available (optional)

Option 1: Organic Post on Your Facebook Page

  1. Go to the section to add a new post to your Facebook page. Set-Up-Facebook-Offer
  2. Add the details of your offer including if it is in-store, online, both and add the images and descriptions of the offer
  3. Choose to schedule or publish your Facebook offer directly to your page Set-Up-Offer-Details

Option 2: Facebook Offer via Facebook Advertisement

1. Create a new campaign with the objective of Traffic or Conversions (we recommend conversions, select ‘Lead’ for conversion type) Campaign-Objective
2. Under the ‘Advert Set’ options, switch the Offer section to ‘On’ Turn-On-Facebook-Offers
3. Add the details of your offer including if it is in-store, online, both and terms and conditions of the offer Facebook-Offer-Ad-Details
4. Optional: Add barcodes, redemption code or upload your own unique redemption codes to track people that claimed.Add-Codes-Facebook-Offers
5. Add your image/video or description in the advert section of the campaign setup Facebook-Ad-Example

How to create a Facebook Offer that converts

Creating an irresistible offer has the opportunity to create A LOT of buzz but how do you create an offer that is going to grab your customer’s attention?

Make it valuable: This doesn’t necessarily mean a monetary discount but could be an additional benefit linked to the purchase. For example; a free gift, free shipping, extended warranty, extra support.
Be timely and scarce: Nothing gets people’s attention more than creating an offer that is only available for a limited time. Give them a deadline to claim the offer. Schedule it at a time when people are most likely to claim the offer as well. For example; free delivery on takeaway food is likely to be claimed on Friday and Saturday nights (going by my own experience 😉 )

Make it shareable: make it irresistible to be shared with their own network online AND make it an offer that is better experienced with friends. (this is why 2-for-1 offers are so popular)

The Pros v Cons


  • You can easily track whether someone has claimed the offer
  • It can connect to existing POS services to make claiming and tracking easier
  • It can force people to visit your store to claim the offer
  • It showcases the offer without them having to visit your site, store or be an email subscriber


  • Still relatively unknown to Facebook’s user base (tentative to claim)
  • You can use existing features on Facebook to track conversions online
  • Too many people claiming your offer and making a loss (you can negate this by limiting the amount claimed)

What do you think?

Are Facebook Offers a tactic you will be using in your business? Tell us in the comments or if you want help setting up your Facebook Offer, email for more information