User friendly Social Media Competition Ideas

Engaging with your fans and running competitions on social networks is becoming easier than ever.

With both Twitter and Instagram now allowing access to chat back and forth with fans via private message means that not only can you swap information about the competition details, it means you’re allowed a more intimate chat with your customers.

We’re going to run through some really easy ways to run a competition on both Twitter and Instagram to help you engage that little bit more with your fans!

We should note that we also like running competitions on Facebook but we do it slightly different to the way we suggest in these tips. Stay tuned over the coming days of our ’12 Days of Christmas’ special for further info on how to run the absolute best competition on your Facebook page!

Determine your goal.

What do you really want to get out of it? Running a competition shouldn’t be an impulse decision and it won’t solve all your problems…sorry to be blunt. Competitions won’t necessarily mean it will drive more sales, nor will it mean that your audience will grow by a bazillion overnight. Instead, it will drive customer loyalty with your existing base and will help you reach potential new customers.

What’s your timeline?

Make sure you have sorted what the overall prize is, what budget you can allocate, what permits (if applicable) you need, and of course what is going to attract any new customers to stay after your competition has finished.

Would I enter this?

Ask yourself why YOU would want to enter this competition. What would drive you to comment, enter your email or put yourself out there for the chance to win.

Keep it simple.

Don’t make your customers have to jump through hoops or answer anything too hard to win. Be sure to be friendly with your tone and make it easy enough for there to be quite a few entries!

Here are five of our favourite competition types for Twitter and Instagram. Let us know if you give one of these a go anytime soon!

Twitter – Tweet O’Clock.

Once a week, at a designated time, ask a question for your fans to answer. We’ve used this example before with a sporting client – it’s great for brands who have a long history of trivia you can pull out! This always mean that you get into a rhythm of this competition happening at a certain time and will build trust and loyalty. It means you can respond to people who may have responded and tell them to keep an eye out next week! Keep the conversation going.

Instagram – comment to win.

This one is super simple. Post an image with a question – it could be anything! Or ask your fans to finish a sentence. Give them an end date or time and then pick the winner by choosing the most creative answer.

Instagram – Stop!

This one is really fun and can be done in a matter of minutes! Post an image explaining the comp details which go along the lines of..

  1. The image may have a question or just a prompt to ask them to comment or tag a friend.
  2. Tell your fans to keep commenting…until you say stop!
  3. When you comment ‘stop’ on your Instagram post, the person who has commented above will win.

Simple right?

Twitter – first to answer.

This one is really easy too and great for any giveaways you want to do! Simply post a trivia question or something easy for your fans to answer about your brand. Explain that the first correct answer will win. Step away from your feed for about 10 minutes…come back and see who got it!

Instagram – Loop Giveaway.

This can be a bit more complicated and you have to be a careful not to get it too stressful for participants but the ‘loop’ competition is a great way to collaborate with other brands.

It works by posting the same image at similar times, tagging in your other collaborators.

Ask your fans to double tap your image, see which brand is next, head to their profile and follow. You simply repeat these steps continuing through a loop, with the winner to be drawn.

Once you’ve picked your winner, strike up a conversation with them publicly to announce them as a winner and to thank them for entering and ensure to direct message them for all the finer details.

So go on, don’t be shy! Get out there and throw yourself your first competition party – just about everyone on the internet is invited 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for our second ’12 Days of Christmas’, as we look towards the holiday season and what you should be doing with your social media channels.

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